Areas that I have explored and written about include: the positive functions of imagination and fantasy in art and in therapy; the real nature of aesthetic response; the relations between art and psychoanalysis; Outsider Art and its assimilation; fundamental modes of drawing (scribbling, doodling) and their shifting cultural situation.


Creation Myths
(Thames & Hudson 1977)
Psychological Aesthetics: painting, feeling and making sense
(Jessica Kingsley 2001)
Outsider Art: from the margins to the marketplace
(Reaktion 2009)
Line Let Loose: scribbling, doodling & automatic drawing
(Reaktion 2014)

Chapters in books (selected)

'Fantasy & the figurative' in 'Pictures at an Exhibition'
ed. Gilroy & Dalley (1989)
'Outsiders or Insiders?' in 'The Myth of Primitivism in Modern Art'
ed. Hiller (1991)
'Bounded in a nutshell: Martin Ramirez' in 'The Artist Outsider'
ed. Metcalf (1994)
'Some thoughts on the art of the insane' in 'Starting from Scratch'
(ed. Byrne & Laing (1996)
'Has Psychotic Art become extinct?' in 'Art Therapy & Psychosis'
ed. Killick & Schaverien (1997)
'Making for Mother' in 'Sluicegates of the mind'
(Leeds City Art Gallery 1998)
'Richard Nie' in Cahiers de l'Art Brut no. 21
'Kunst, Kunsttherapie & Aussenseiterkunst' in 'Kunst aussenseiter Kunst'
ed Danneker & Voigtlander (2012) {English version 'Between Art & Therapy']


These are too numerous to list. I've published in The Arts in Psychotherapy, Artscribe, Cosmos, Free Associations, Inscape, Kunstlicht (Holland), Modern Painters, Psychoanalytic Studies, Raw Vision and Sphinx, amongst others. Also in Escapeintolife, an on-line journal.

'Stolen Fruit'
(Outsider Art and art from Special Studios for the handicapped)
Download article - 'Stolen Fruit'
'Between Art and Therapy'
(Richard Nie)
Download article - 'Between Art and Therapy'
'Beyond The Doodle'
Download article - 'Beyond The Doodle'
'Archetypal Psychology and non-Painting'
(int, Journal of Jungian Studies vol.7 no.1.)
View full article on IJJS website

Specific Areas of Research include;

The life and wok of Adolf Wolfli, Antonin Artaud, Henri Michaux & Martin Ramirez; Grace Pailthorpe and her therapeutic innovations; Art Therapy workshops using image from world of art.